Welcome to Bardic | worlds both real and imagined

Bardic is a media production company founded after its first podcast, Myths and Legends, began. Myths and Legends is downloaded over 2.8 million times every month around the world. Fictional is the M&L spin-off show featuring classic literature with a modern tone.  Who We Are is an audio and visual documentary series on humans and things we do.

Together, Bardic podcasts have been downloaded over 47 million times worldwide.


Jason Weiser

CEO & Cofounder

Jason started Myths and Legends in 2015 using the backseat of his car as a makeshift sound room. As the podcast grew, he moved inside and became a full-time podcaster. His background is in English literature and psychology. Before podcasting, he was in medical research.

Carissa Weiser

COO & Cofounder

Carissa officially joined as producer for Myths and Legends in 2017 after months of editing scripts in her spare time. She hosts Who We Are and is co-creator and a writer for Fictional. She's a former audiology professor with a background in acoustics, speech perception, and hearing science.