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What's a podcast?

Think on-demand radio... on virtually any topic that interests you.

Most podcasts are free to download. There's usually an associated website of some kind, but a podcast itself is different than a blog, website, or a publication that you read. Instead, you listen.

From big production companies to independent shows, you can listen on a smartphone, tablet, computer, and through a variety of different app providers.

This is a fantastic new medium that's on the rise. In many ways, a podcast is the ultimate on-the-go medium because you can listen while you work, play, commute- you name it.

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Jason Weiser

Co-founder, CEO

Jason started making Myths and Legends in 2015 using the backseat of his car for quiet recording space. It started as a hobby. As it took off, he was able to move indoors and put that English literature degree to good use. He is also co-creator, a writer, and host of Fictional.

Carissa Weiser

Co-founder, COO

Carissa officially joined as producer for Myths and Legends in 2017 after months of editing scripts in her spare time. She hosts Who We Are and is co-creator and a writer for Fictional. She's a former audiology professor with a background in acoustics, speech perception, and hearing science.